Friday, January 15, 2010

show off

We've got a big weekend planned. Steven is in a show, "Research Through Making", that opens tonight at the U of M College of Architecture (where he's a professor).

He his project is called "Digital Steam Bending" and was inspired in part by Thonet furniture.

Our friends Andy Thompson and
Amanda Thatch are in a show that's opening at the Gallery Project,

and our friend Amy Sacksteder is in a show that's opening at the Paint Creek Center for the Arts!

It's an art explosion!
Then on Sunday we're having a few friends over for a champagne brunch to celebrate the New Year a little late. Actually, we're having about 30 friends over for champagne brunch! I'm not quite sure how it got so big, but I adore everyone who is coming so I'm excited.
Besides, brunch is easy, even for 30.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



Thonet is certainly a wonderful inspiration...hope to a get a piece of simple chair one day!
Cheers to creativity & talents~

alicia abood said...

gosh, your husband is so talented, abigail! wowza. it sounds like you guys have a great weekend planned. xo.

chiara said...

i wish we could see your show, steven. and i wish we could be at your brunch too!

abigail said...

Chiara- I think we should move to Brooklyn.