Friday, February 5, 2010

Is it the weekend already?

Friday totally snuck up on me. How can it possibly be the weekend already when I accomplished so little this week?

I'm going to spend most of the weekend working in the studio and daydreaming about spring.

Did I mention how much I dislike Punxsutawney Phil? Sure, he's all chubby and cute and would probably rather be asleep than predicting the weather, but I still can't stand the shadow seeing little guy. Plus, they claim he's 123 years old and that's just creepy. (btw, I would be madly in love with him if he'd said spring was around the corner.)

And without further ado, here's my third fun stuff from the around the internets post:

Dear hair gods, can you magically make mine look like this?

Hand sewn Valentine? yes please.

I want to go to there.

Let's talk about love, baby.

Perfect for spring! (spring will come, right?)

Still hilarious!

Hurray for the NYFD!

Booooooooooo! for debarking. Terribly mean and terribly short sighted. I mean what if you get stuck in a well and your dog has to go run for help? How will he get anyone's attention?

So cute!


This photo is really crappy (our basement doesn't have good lighting) but I'm posting it anyway because it looks like Gus and Ollie are holding hands, and I thought Lauren might like it ;)

Have a great weekend!


Jayne said...

A 123-year-old groundhog is creepy =) I hope you have wonderful weekend!

MAB Jewelry said...

Oh, I love that old groundhog, but I always want him to bite one of the top hat guys.
Enjoy your weekend.

A Taste of T said...

Ok that photo is definitely creepy! Hahaha. Love the pic of the Cairns :)

Jaime said...

The donut snowmen are so cute! As are your pups :)
Enjoy your wkend!

Brandi said...

Gus and Ollie are the cutest. And I agree about the groundhog thing, though you could always come out and visit San Diego, get spring started now.

(oh, and thanks for the mention. you're a dear.)

Amanda Wright said...

Love your Friday link lists! Keep 'em coming! : )

Jaeve + Things said...

Aw, gus & ollie are major cutie pies! Have a lovely weekend! ox

drollgirl said...

gus and ollie are so cute!!!

i hope you have a great weekend. i hope the hair gods are with me when i get my hair done this weekend. :)

Sarah C said...

i hear you on the whole sneaky friday thing. not that i mind, but really, where did the week go??

also, i think groundhogs do not deserve their own holiday. and the movie based around said holiday is weary and boring. but phil doesn't deserve to be hounded by paparazzi and the like. poor furry guy.

pen.ny said...

OF COURSE I love that photo.

So weird, I came to your blog Friday, then again on Saturday and I "mentally" commented on the all weekend I was wondering around thinking I had told you how much I loved it when I didn't! Does this ever happen to you? I do this a lot with dreams, sometimes I can't tell if it really happened or not. Gah!


very married said...

you know, the whole groundhog thing doesn't make sense to me. if he sees his shadow it means it's sunny out, doesn't that mean spring is coming??