Friday, March 19, 2010

have a good weekend!

The weather is so gorgeous I can't believe it! I might even do a little gardening this weekend and plant some carrots and onions.
Steven complained that it's going to "get cold" this weekend- all the way down to the mid 40s- and I almost smacked him. It's March and we live in Michigan! mid 40's is still practically tropical.

Besides, nothing can get me down since this little beauty is blooming in my back yard!

Hope you have a great weekend and some wonderful spring weather!

Now for the links:

Find out more about the heartbreaking plan to close Catherine Ferguson Academy. (most important sentence: "In a district where up to 70% of the students drop out, almost all of the students there graduate and go on to two- or four-year colleges." And that's the school they're going to close.)

Ever since I saw this bag I've had the song "rainbow connection" in my head, but somehow I don't mind.

The people who run the Yale Law library are awesome. and funny.


I'd like to spend my summer here.

while wearing everything here.

so beautiful!

"as old as the trees" has new meaning.


The Caffeinated Globe said...

I hope you will be enjoyingly planting "some carrots and onions" this weekend.

Melissa Blake said...

Great links! Hope you have a great weekend as well! :)

Dancing Branflake said...

Have a great weekend! Thank you for the links!

mindy said...

still need to get my garden underway....happy planting and enjoy the lovely weather!

pen.ny said...

I love all the "beautiful" links. Yes! I'm off to check out the others now. Have a great weekend Abigail!

Steven- oh Steven, he makes me laugh. I hope Gus and Ollie help you out with those carrots and onions. Would it be too much to ask to see a picture of my favorite boys sometime soon?!

abigail said...

Gus is so happy about the weather I can't get him to come inside for dinner, let alone for a photo- but I'll get a good one of the little guys sometime this weekend.

Punctuation Mark said...

hope yours is going well... have fun!

Helen said...

Abigail, I hope you had a lovely time outside in this gorgeous weather! And I'll be sure to fill you in on Argentina soon! xoxo

Patty said...

The hammock looks like such a good idea! That's a beautiful flower, what kind is it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! Love your blog - definitely going to add myself to your follower list right now!

Elizabeth said...

I love your weekend links. Very educational, thinks the teacher in me :)

Hope you got those onions planted...that is awesome, by the way!

s + b said...

LOVE that hammock photo - made me want to spend my weekend napping.