Sunday, June 20, 2010

the circus is in town

On Sunday we went to the Leslie Science Center here in Ann Arbor to see the Zany Umbrella Circus! It was lovely. (I wish I brought the good camera instead of just the iphone!)

The act we saw was just a juggler, a trapeze artist, and a clown, performing with simple props as lovely music played, and it was completely delightful.

It was just so comforting that even today when our attention spans have shrunk to the size of gnats, that kids and adults alike could be so transfixed by a guy blowing bubbles with his hands, another man throwing fire, and a woman performing amazing feats of strength and grace on a trapeze.

You would not believe how much fun can be had with a leaf blower and some toilet paper!

Not only are they great performers, they're great people too and take their act around the world for charitable performances in refugee camps.

If you hear of them coming to town, go see them! (They'll be in New York at the end of July, more info here.)


Dancing Branflake said...

Amazing and they are doing such a good thing by visiting others who otherwise would not be able to see them. I love how you desribe them in such vivid detail.

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Wow. Great pics!

Ana Degenaar said...

My I miss the local circus... Lovely photos!

Gloria said...

What great photos and what fun to go to a circus again! It was almost as good as seeing it. I think the guys who play with fire are always amazing to many times as I have gotten burned myself (I'm a breakfast cook!) Smile today. :)

Jennifer Hillebrand said...

Fun!!! I'd love to do a circus-engagement session thing at some point. Love the pics!!