Friday, September 9, 2011

have a good weekend

Ok, apparently I thought pretty much every new thing I saw this week was the best thing ever.  I'm not entirely sure if I stumbled on some unusually great stuff or if I am suffering from rain induced mania, but either way here are few more examples:

30 Harshest Artist-on-Artist Insults in History (this really is the best thing ever.  I'm completely sure this time.)

Best Onion Special Feature EVER

grossest headline ever.

My Little Pop Icons

Dictionary of the Near Future  (Instant Reincarnation is my favorite.)

Best use of tomatoes ever 

famous photographs as instagrams (I got a shoe catalog from Bergdorf's or something this week and it looked like it was printed from Instagram, which did not make me want to buy their $800 shoes, it made me want to throw out my phone.)

pop or soda?  soda or pop? 

Hope you're weekend is the best ever!


Dancing Branflake said...

Love that photo! It's totally a fun date night activity I bet.

wood burning stove said...

good pictures!always interested in those kind pics, thanks for your sharing!