Sunday, October 16, 2011

good weekend

This weekend I had a wonderful time at an event celebrating the reopening of the remodeled Cranbrook Art Museum with a bunch of my favorite ladies.  (remind me to wear less stupid shoes next time I go dancing, ok?)

hope your weekend was as fun as mine!  

All the Single Ladies 
"Just cut through the corn"

mind blowing sex, literally (completely safe for work)

Letters of Note (addictive blog of "correspondence deserving of a wider audience". Check it out, you won't be sorry, unless you have something else to do for the next hour or so.)

The cuteness, it burns


Melissa Blake said...

Thanks for the awesome links!

la petite coquine said...

Letters of Note=genius!

Bryce said...

I'm jealous.

a said...

you should come to the first show! 11-11-11! I'd be so fun to see you!