Thursday, August 1, 2013


One year ago today, at just 34 weeks, you were born my sweet and darling boy.

They said that I wouldn't get to hold you when you were born because you might need help breathing, but you didn't and I did.

They said you might have trouble eating, but you didn't.

They said you might have trouble staying warm on your own, but you didn't.

They said you might have to stay in the hospital until your due date, but you didn't.

They said you would need your age "adjusted" and that you would meet your milestones 6 weeks or so later than a full term baby, but you didn't.

They said you would grow more slowly than a full term baby, but you didn't.

I don't know how I got so lucky to have such a miraculous baby. I was so panicked the entire two weeks I was on bed rest in the hospital because I knew you had to come early. But when I went into labor 6 hours before I was scheduled for a medically necessary induction, I felt so much better. It was as if you were telling me, "Don't worry Mommy, I got this." And you did.

And that's how everything has been since.  Just when I start to panic, you do something that lets me know, "Don't worry Mommy, I got this."

You came out all red and screaming and were a little piggy from the get go.

You got kicked out of the NICU after just 3 days because "the NICU is for sick babies" and you weren't one.

You smiled right on time at just over 7 weeks. I was singing that song "Three Little Birds" and when I got to the "every little thing is gonna be alright" part you gave me a big old grin. (I started crying I was so relieved and then I panicked that I was confusing you.)

You've met all your other milestones on time, no "adjusting" needed.
You went from off the Baby Growth Charts tiny to the 95th percentile for length and 50th percentile for weight by the time you were 9 months old.

And as if all that wasn't enough, you're so happy! You laugh easily and often, sometimes just because one of the dogs walks by or because my hair looks funny.

You said Mama when you were just 8 1/2 months (not sure you meant it as a person and not just as a "something is wrong, fix it" feeling until a couple months later, but you said it!) You love people so much that you say "hi" to people we pass in the grocery store aisle, and pretty much everyone else you see.

You know about 30 English words, 3 Italian ones, how to roar like a lion and how to baa like a sheep.

You love the dogs so much. Your favorite things to do are play fetch and wrestle with them. Gus is the better wrestler but can't be bothered for the fetch. Ollie skips the rough housing, but doesn't mind at all that you can only "throw" the ball about 8 inches.

You think all barking dogs are Ollie and call him whenever you hear a bark.

You aren't walking yet, but you crawl, stand and cruise. People keep saying that you're going to walk any day, but you'll get to it whenever you're ready.

And oh man, you eat. Anything and everything and a lot of it. I don't know where you put it or how you're not a much chubbier baby.

You are such a good hugger and lean for kisses, and sometimes even give them (although they tend to include a little biting when you teething.)

I love you so very, very much my sweet and beautiful boy! I'm so happy and proud I get to be your mama and cannot wait to see what you do next. 

ps. You really like cake.


Val said...

This is so sweet and beautiful! It's things like your post here that make me want a baby of my own; thanks for sharing.

abigail said...

yes please!! You'd be such a great mom and it'd be more friends for Ezra!

chiara said...

Happy bIrthday baby ezra! you really are an amazing little boy, just like your mama says. I love reading about your first year, and I can't wait to watch you grow during your second year! xoxox auntie chiara