Sunday, September 22, 2013

world traveler

 Baby's first trip to France!

I was completely dreading it because during a trip to a family reunion earlier in the summer the baby did not sleep AT ALL. He'd just started talking up a storm and that combined with the dozens of cousins, aunts and uncles paying attention to him, he was too excited to rest. So, once we got home and got back to normal, I secretly vowed never to leave home again.

But this time he was great! The flight there was pretty painless, and the flight back wasn't too awful. He adjusted to the time change pretty easily and had a great time.

Our time in Paris was especially wonderful, the playgrounds are really great and he couldn't get enough stinky cheese. He had his first ice cream pop, his first cookie and his first carousel ride.

He was a little confused that people didn't return his "Hi!"s as often as he'd like, but that didn't stop him from trying it out on everyone he saw.

We were in a cheese shop in Paris and he gave his best greeting to a nice man next to the chevre. The man smiled and said in an English accent, "Hi! Are you speaking English?" I said, "He is." The man said, "Cool." And Ezra said, "Coooool." The man laughed and said, "What a wonderful little boy!" and Ezra looked very satisfied.

He even put up with me spending an afternoon at the Paris Flea Market and cooperatively took his afternoon nap in his stroller. As a reward for such good behavior, I got him a mid century plywood chair. (ok, it's really for me.)

It all went so well,  he didn't want to leave and I'm already planning our next trip.


chiara said...

am so jealous of him.

Bryce said...

I love the photos individually and I love the narrative wrapping them together here.