Thursday, January 30, 2014


So, 17 month old Ezra can spell his name (and dog apparently) and he's starting to freak me out.

I haven't been trying to teach him, and after twisting myself in knots to figure out how to gently tell the babysitter that I didn't want her to push him to learn things he doesn't have to know until kindergarten, I found out she hasn't either.

He just likes words. He likes to say them, he likes to look at them, and I guess he likes to spell them.

Chiara made a beautiful garland with his name on it that's in his room and when he asked about it I told him, "It says Ezra. E-Z-R-A." He was obsessed for a few days so I made him some crappy cardboard letters to carry around with him. He started to ask about the letters on his blocks so I told him what they were and before I knew what was happening he was walking around saying "E-Z-R-A, Ezra!" Like it was a little mantra.

He knows the names of about 20 letters, and while looking at a book yesterday he said, "D-O-G!" and he was right.

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