Monday, February 10, 2014

carseat poetry

I see the sky
I see the clouds
Clouds are closed
Open it
Open it Mommy
Open the clouds

-Ezra, age 18 months
February 10, 2014

(fyi, I did not take that photo while driving. I took it a few years ago. It was cloudier today, you get the idea.)

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Tina Taul said...

I came across your blog, because I was researching 'pajaki' - polish straw and flower decorations. You have a really beautiful post about this.

Then I just stumbled upon this little piece of everyday poetry, and it made me laugh, and a little teary eyed as well. My son is four now, time flies so fast, but almost every day he says something so funny and profound, that he makes me gasp.
Your posts about this captures it so perfectly!

Fine blogging indeed.

all the best; Tina in Copenhagen, Denmark