Friday, May 9, 2014

Conversations with a 21 month old

These days he has entire conversations by himself. "Want to go outside? Ok! Gotta put your coat on? Ok! Gotta put your shoes on? Ok! Go outside right now! OK!!!"

He asks to talk about the conservatory where we went about 4 times a week in order to make it through winter, and then launches into a self given interview. "What did we see at the conservatory? We saw goldfish. And the waterfall goes all the way down. What did we sniff at the conservatory? Bay leaf! Grapefruit! Cactuses are sharp. You can't eat the rocks. The toilet is loud. I don't like it."

He snoops in my drawers and says, "Did you find a sock? I found 2 socks! Put them back please. Close the drawer." He doesn't put them back or close the drawer, he pulls out a whole bunch more socks.

When I leave to go to the studio and kiss him goodbye he gives the whole speech himself, "Mommy's gonna go to work. She'll be right back. Mommy always comes back. Gonna go play with the doggie friends. See you soon." (Gus and Ollie have a standing doggie playdate so he thinks that's what everyone does at work.)

When he is lying in his crib about to fall asleep he says, "It's time to go to sleep. Gus is sleeping. Ollie is sleeping. Lilah is sleeping. The road is sleeping. Gramma Becky is sleeping. The flowers are sleeping. The garbage truck is sleeping. Mommy is sleeping..." and on and on until he passes out.

And now that it's finally warm, he refuses to wear pants.


AbbieBabble said...

So many words! I'm so impressed!

If it weren't frowned upon for grownups, I'd refuse to wear pants in the warm weather, too.

Val said...

I just love these conversations; thanks for posting & making my day!

Jonathan Milott said...

so so so cute

Jonathan Milott said...

that comment was from Auntie Chiara

Jonathan Milott said...

Although Jon Milott would think he's so so so cute too