Thursday, June 19, 2014

conversation with a 22 month old #6 (this kid is really chatty)

When he's upset or antsy Ezra likes to "Talk about something?" and we have a few pat conversations about people and places he loves that comfort him. He tells me about sniffing the flowers at he conservatory, seeing the fish at the library, playing patty-cake with Gramma Becky etc.

But the yesterday he threw me for a loop.

Ezra: Talk about something?
Me: Sure buddy, what do you want to talk about?
Ezra: Talk about the Mall?
Me (while thinking, OF ALL THE PLACES I'VE TAKEN YOU, YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT THE MALL??) Ok, what happened at the Mall?
Ezra: We went on the Skittle!!
Me (realizing that the Skittle he's talking about is a ski lift, and the "mall" is the collection of buildings and lifts that make up "downtown" Snowmass Village Colorado.) We did ride the Skittle! What else did see at the Mall?
Ezra: We saw skis!
Me: We did. What else did we see?
Ezra: Parade!
Me: Yes we did. What happened at the parade?
Ezra: Balloon.
Me: You got a balloon.
Ezra: Green balloon. It went way too high.
Me: Yes we lost the balloon. What else did you get at the parade?
Ezra: MARDI GRAS beads!!!
Me (while thinking, this was in March! How do you remember this??): Yup, you sure did.

(photo from March just after the parade, when he was 19 months old)

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Tiffany Kadani said...

Squee! I can't believe he's already 22 months!