Tuesday, July 1, 2014

conversation with a 23 month old and his babysitter

After he'd been looking for his rubber duck for 10 minutes, our incredibly wonderful babysitter (who I hope and pray never leaves us) found it.
Babysitter: Look what I found!
Ezra (turning around with a big grin on his face): Mommy!
Babysitter: No buddy, Mommy's working. I found your duck.
Ezra (scowling): Not mommy.
And then he turned and stomped away.

It's horrible how much I love my babysitter and love this conversation. It's just really nice to know that even though he's so very well cared for, he still misses me as much as I miss him. Especially because in a few years he probably won't. Which is a good thing, but also a heartbreaking thing.

Forgive my mopiness, 23 months is almost not a baby anymore and it's just going way too fast.

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Bryce said...

He will still miss you as much in a few years. (Ten years from now, maybe not...)