Wednesday, July 16, 2014


When Ezra is sad, bored or mad, I ask him if he wants to talk about something. We talk about the farm we visited in Tivoli, the puppy he got to pet in the park, and lots of other things. He often wants to talk about the conservatory we went to 3 times a week this past winter so we chat about it for awhile.

Me: What do we do at the conservatory?
Ezra: We sniff the flowers at the conservatory!
Me: What else do we see at the conservatory?
Ezra: Goldfish!
Me: What else?
Ezra: Waterfall. 
Me: What does the waterfall do?
Ezra: The water goes all the way down! 
Me: It does. 
Ezra: I don't like it because it's loud. 

We talk about the toilets and the fans(they're loud too, he doesn't like them), the cactuses (they're sharp, can hurt your fingers, need the rocks to grow), and the grapefruit, jasmine and bay laurel (all get sniffed) but every once in a while Ezra will talk about Rosie, a little girl he met and shared some cookies with last October. He hasn't seen her since, but he still talks about her and gets a little moony eyed when he does. 

I'm half convinced I'll tell this story at Ezra and Rosie's wedding one day. 

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