Wednesday, August 27, 2008


fall planting season is almost upon us and in addition doing a ton of work on the front yard, which I will blog about later, we are going to take out the chain link/crappy vinyl fence combo we have in the backyard and replace it with a wood fence.  I am going to plant a couple of espalier apple trees on the fence line.
according to wikipedia, "Espalier is a horticultural technique of training trees through pruning and grafting in order to create formal "two-dimensional" or single plane patters by the branches of the tree.  The technique was popular in the Middle Ages in Europe to produce fruit inside the walls of castle courtyards without interfering with the open space and to decorate solid walls." 

they even look beautiful without leaves.

if we didn't have dogs I'd use the espalier's as a fence.  but if we didn't have dogs I would be very sad.

ours will probably look like this for a few years.


steven said...

Love the espalier you found! And the dish towels!

Garden Lily said...

You have probably discovered by now that your espalier will grow quickly. If you keep pruning the vertical growth, it will focus on horizontal growth and fruit production. My espalier apple in particular grew from very small (like in your last photo) to more than 16' wide now, within 4 years. With lots of fruit production along the way; I need to prune even the fruits aggressively. I need to post more recent photos, but you can see some espalier photos here. All the best with yours!

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