Sunday, September 28, 2008

yes we can!

I went to see Barack and Michelle Obama and Joe and Jill Biden today in Detroit.  It was great! Some reports say the crowd was as many as 30,000!!  We were all crowded together on a beautiful, sunny day, everyone fired up and ready to go!
Afterwards, we went to 7eleven and got slurpees.  

that's the back of my head.  I do not know why I look so blonde.

(the hand second from the right is mine.  Photo taken right before Barack shook it!!)
Barack and Joe's speeches  here.


Keith said...

you must be enjoying the swing state...lots and lots of visits. what time did you get there to get that close?

abigail said...

doors opened at 11, we got there at 9 and the damned thing didn't start until 1:30. (we tried to go see him a couple weeks ago and waited for 4 hours and didn't even get in, so we wanted to make sure this time.) It was great! (even the time we didn't get in) Obama crowds are just so great. said...