Thursday, October 9, 2008

green driveway

Our driveway is trashed (a house is a money pit. Steven better get tenure) and we are going to have to replace it in the next couple years. I would love to put in a green driveway because it's beautiful and better for the environment by limiting run off into sewers and heat trapping.  
I like the idea of spacing pavers a few inches apart and allowing grass to grow

 Or using something like Unilock's turfstone, concrete pavers made in a honeycomb pattern that let grass (or more likely weeds) grow in the spaces.  

Or we could go old school and take the driveway out and just put two strips of concrete where the wheels go. I love that!


Michael Kline said...

I saw some of these paving treatments a year or two ago and really like the idea. This past summer I put gravel down on a drive way. On either side of the drive I spread grass seed and straw. During several heavy summer rains the grass seed eventually found it's way to the gravel where it thrived. Even on a simple gravel drive you can have a grassy "green" look. Unfortunately, in my case, I didn't drive on it enough to get the twin pathes and had to trim the grass once or twice (not so green).

Keith directed me to your blog and I have really enjoyed it. I hope you have a great time on the cape.

Addie Dell said...

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alex amarxon said...

e started with the walls and we have moved on to bigger and better surfaces. For my preschoolers, the sky is the limit. This summer I am going to give them paint rollers and have them paint the back of the house. Good lord, I can't wait for the Home Owners Association to get wind of this hair brained fence