Wednesday, November 12, 2008

money pit

a little more than a year ago our house looked like this:

now that we pumped in insulation, replaced our siding, roof, roof deck, front porch and walkway, put in some retaining walls and did some (still in progress) landscaping it looks like this:


rls said...

BEAUTIFUL home . . . Now that you're finished with yours . . . still feeling ambitious? Need another project?

BTW, Abigail, I procured the lights . . . a modest 323 of them! Will send pics once I retrieve them; i'll see that you receive a complimentary light for your lovely back yard. "lights out." rick ;-)

abigail said...

when that happens I think I might have to rename this blog "Lovely things that Rick has given us and other things."
congratulations! I don't know how you do it.

oh, and who says we're finished? so many projects inside I'm dizzy. and there's always the garage. but we're always up for other projects!

Steven said...

Where is that horse hair?