Tuesday, November 11, 2008

tree envy

We are doing a remodeling project at Kettering University in Flint and while walking around the campus I saw that they have some of the loveliest espalier pear trees.
I didn't get them in this fall but I plan on putting some espaliers along our fence line in the back yard come spring.  (It's only November and already I can't wait until spring!  I'm doomed.)  
(this photo was taken a few weeks ago, they've lost their leaves now.)  


Keith said...

did a crazy european steal any of those pears?

Steven said...

Yes he did! They are Bartlet BTW! But not as sweet as our neighbor's. What is interesting about our neighbor is I never see him really except while transiting between his house and his red Pontiac.

On another note Williams bottle would be great to grow on a pear tree. Crazy Europeans tie bottles to pollinated pear flowers and let them grow inside the bottle. Nothing like seeing a tree full of bottles ...mm reminds me of Christmas in a funny way?!

abigail said...

if we ever get a pear tree, I am going to try that.