Wednesday, December 31, 2008


ever wonder why you don't often see terriers patiently waiting outside restaurants while their owners enjoy a lovely meal?  well, I no longer do. 
Let's just say if barking were dollars we could pay for the bailout.  but we had a lovely day none the less.   
(aren't Steven's sunglasses great?  he found them in his ski stuff.  I think he bought them when he was in high school.  I'm going to steal them.)

We snowshoed up to the Pine Creek Cookhouse for lunch (we ended up getting take out and sitting with Gus and Ollie on the deck, which stopped the barking) and it was delicious!  

this is the view from the deck.

It's a lovely restaurant that you can only get to via snowshoe, cross country ski, or horse drawn sleigh, and the food is great.  
(I think much of the barking was 18 pound Ollie trying to take on a Clydesdale.)


Steven said...
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Steven said...

The experience was most wonderful because of the companionship of the photographer.