Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Never mind, for now, what we are going to do and have at our Inaugural Ball party, I really have no idea what will happen at the real Inaugural Ball we are going to!
Is there a band? do people dance? is there food? when the new president drops by, how long does he stay? Will we get to shake his hand? Do the vice president and the president stop by at the same time or do they stagger it out to keep people excited. How long does it last?
A good friend of my brother's worked in the Clinton administration and I imagine went to at least one ball, I think I will call him later and ask so I have some idea what to expect next week.
In the meantime, I am looking to Jackie for what to wear, even though no one other than Steven will be looking at me.

I day dream about buying this dress which looks like a lovely, flowy, potato sack (my favorite) but I am not going to buy anything and will find something to wear in my own closet.
I think I could get my hair to look like Jackie's, though. I have a whole lotta hair.

Update: I just found out Roxanne Roberts at the Washington Post has an Inaugual Ball Survival Guide up. I will be following her advice, wearing flats and bringing a (plastic) flask (classy).


Sweet Nothings said...

a friend of mine went to Bush's 2nd inagural ball..the main one. She said that since the Pres and VP have to stop by and have a dance at EVERY ball for the whole week( crazy, shouldn't they be running the country or sometihng) they tend to not stay for a long time at each, minus the main one.

abigail said...

you are right, they should be running the country!
i think it's going to be the sort of event where we have to make our own fun.
thanks so much for the info!

Steven said...

I'm quite sure I will not be the only one looking at you. Just sayin'

abigail said...

because of the plastic flask right?