Monday, February 16, 2009


I hate the shades that came with our house (they're beige, and not in a good way) but have lived with them because I just can't bring myself to buy different ones because they are so ridiculously expensive! (and these days I am not shopping.)

Still, I had been ogling these from Restoration Hardware, until my mom told me the story of her making fully lined, french pleat, floor to ceiling curtains in the tiny New York apartment we lived in when I was a baby. (I think the curtains were taller than the apartment was wide.)  

Did my mom attend 6 years of art school?  did she ever take a fibers class?  did her husband (my dad) buy her a fancy sewing machine that came with free lessons about how to use it? 


(my mom's sewing machine was and is an old Singer that has all metal parts, weighs about 75 pounds and works like a dream, and she was pretty crafty in her day but still, fully lined, french pleat curtains? that's impressive.) 

so, I have no excuse and I'm going to make curtains.  There I said it, and will eventually have to blog about it, I suppose.  I'm going to make (probably not lined, certainly not pleated) curtains.  The whole idea makes me a little nervous, but I am excited to about adding a nice detail, like this pretty zigzag stitch.  

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Joslyn said...

oooh i can't wait to see how they turn out! yes, i always feel a smidge inadequate when i hear about the things my mom did ;-)