Thursday, February 19, 2009

sick as a dog

Ollie has kennel cough which is kind of like the flu for dogs. After we got back from the vet he hid under the furniture whimpering and hacking until Gus got up on our bed (spoiled dogs) and snuggled up with him.  now they're both passed out.  

The vet said he should be back running around in a couple days, but we are supposed to go to New York and even though they'd take great care of him, and he should be feeling much better if not 100% by the time we're supposed to drop him off, our kennel won't take him when he's sick.  

Anyone want to spend a weekend in Ann Arbor helping Gus care for a snuggly, sad, sweet, sick little puppy?


Joanna Goddard said...

oh so sweet! i hope he feels better!

Andrea said...

Were I anywhere even remotely close (or, on the same coast for that matter), you'd of course have a volunteer. Being sick is no fun; sick and away from home is even worse.

abigail said...

that's so nice!