Saturday, March 28, 2009

six in paris

Last night we went to the beautifully restored Detroit Film Theater at the Detroit Institute of Art to see the film Six in Paris (Paris Vu Par).  Made in 1965, it's a collection of 6 short films by leading French directors of the French New Wave taking place in different neighborhoods in Paris and telling tales that were in turn funny, romantic, and tragic.  
I got totally distracted because several times during the film characters drank instant coffee out of bowls and I just couldn't stop thinking, "Parisians in the 60's drank instant coffee out of bowls?!?!"  

Despite having a husband (and son) who makes a great cup of coffee and living most of her adult life in Milan where the best cup of coffee you've ever had is never more than 100 yards away, Steven's mom loves instant coffee (Nestle, to be specific) so much we had to buy it for her when she visited.  I always thought that was a Belgian thing (she's Belgian) but maybe it is more of a generational thing.  

tonight, pink appetizers (shrimp?!?) and cocktails for the Avon's Breast Cancer Walk, and the grand reopening of University of Michigan Art Museum.  Tomorrow, New York! (I jumped the gun saying I might not post anything until Wednesday, didn't I?) 


Courtney said...

I hadn't heard of that film before, but it sounds quite intriguing. I hope you have a wonderful trip to New York!

please sir said...

I've never seen the film, but sounds interesting!

chelsea said...

That sounds so neat! I took a French + Italian cinema class in college and I just loved it. French films are the best even though they are usually sad and have unresolved endings!