Thursday, April 9, 2009

bad neighbor

when we bought our house it had a treehouse.  We knew this because, well, we saw it in the backyard, and because anytime we met anyone under 12 in the neighborhood they would say, "oh!  you're the new people with the treehouse."
Sadly, it was old, in disrepair and strangling the tree so after someone (that we didn't know stopped by so his kid could play) fell and got hurt (just a bad scrape, nothing broken), we took it down.  
Some (ok, many) neighborhood kids still haven't forgiven us.  
We decided that when we have kids we will build a new one.  (Steven's an architect!  can you think of anything he'd rather do?) I saw this post on Under a Paper Moon and it made me wish we already had.  
Is it summer yet?


Courtney said...

Oh that made me laugh because I can imagine you were popular with the neighborhood kids! Although it is sad that you all had to tear the treehouse down, it's awesome that you have a tree that is perfect for one. I hope you have your new one before long!

abigail said...