Thursday, April 2, 2009


I got word from Project Grow community gardens about where my plot will be and could not be happier with the news.  I didn't get one I originally requested, but it turns out I picked wrong because the one they gave me is in the perfect place.  It's a little more than a mile from the house but so near the studio that when I looked at the map I started having fantasies about taking a break from work to go pick ingredients for my lunch, and then stopping by again on my way home to pick ingredients for dinner all summer long.  
Meanwhile, my seedlings are growing like crazy!  For a minute I thought I had maybe planted too many things, but then I remembered that it's a 25 x 30ft plot, and stuck some more seeds in.  
I can't wait until it warms up for good (it snowed here while we were gone!) and I can get these babies in the ground. 


Diana said...

Are you using those round "peat pots"? We're trying some out for the first year and they seem to be working well.

abigail said...

yes! I love them!