Sunday, April 5, 2009

it's not easy being green

have you seen the series of crazy short films that Isabella Rossellini made called Green Porno?  She wanted to make films about animal behavior but thought that people would only be interested in them if they were about sex.  So, she made 8 films about insect copulation last year and put out 8 about marine life mating this year.  Each one starts out with her imagining herself as the subject, "If I were a starfish..." or "If I were a bee..." and goes from there.  
They are delightfully weird more than they are raunchy, and paper costumes and props are amazing.  
An interviewer on NPR said, "You must've thought for a long time that the sex scene in Blue Velvet would be the strangest one you've ever done, and now you've blown that away with each of these."  She laughed and replied, "I've blown that away, I agree!"
Check them out on the Sundance Channel or here.  

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