Saturday, April 4, 2009

milk bottle lamp for sale

I am not sure if this is a weird thing to post, but here it is: I'm selling a Droog design Milk bottle lamp on Ebay.  We bought four of them at the Droog Design store when we were living in the Netherlands for a few months a few years ago.  I had planned on hanging them in our sunroom, but changed my mind.  
I have finally accepted that we just don't have another place in the house for them and as a part of my spring cleaning have decided to let them go.  :( 

If you're interested, I listed one on ebay to see how it goes, and will list the others if it goes well.  


Anonymous said...

I love that. I'm sending this to a friend who just may want to buy it. Love your blog :)

abigail said...

hurray! thanks so much!