Wednesday, May 6, 2009


can someone please explain to me why I do not already have stacks of these lovely baking cups from Bake it Pretty in my cabinet? 
hmm, I'm pretty sure no one can, because there is just no good reason.  

Must buy.  

(my 3 month spending hiatus ended about a week ago, but i decided not to make a big deal and see how long I'd last if I just didn't think about it.  I was also curious about what would tempt me out of it, and really thought it would be a dress.  I guess now we know!)


chiara said...

love them! also check out viking baking supply. i think you get more bang for your buck.

abigail said...

yay! such a better deal!

free PR submission said...

Love the firt ones. If I made cupcakes in them, no one would notice if I made a bit of a mess with frosting/decorating.