Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Keith seems to think I need more coffee, and that I should drink it out of one of his giant, fantastic, pink (my favorite) earthenware mugs. He could not be more right!  These beauties and a gorgeous fluted bowl that's a part of the handmade Ponzi scheme I posted a while ago arrived on my doorstep last night.  
I can't tell you how much I love late birthday presents, just when you think all the hoopla's over, something comes in the mail and makes your day.  
Thank you Keith! 
His work available here and here.


Keith said...

You're welcome.
Glad you like 'em.

seesaw designs said...

Late birthday presents really are fun, aren't they. Those mugs are great.

Steven said...

Thanks Keith. We know upgraded our morning capucciono dose to a venti!

Keith said...

by the way...i like the pic. steven, the ventis are ready just in time to start summer and the early morning gardening.

abigail said...

feel free to steal it if you want to.
today I figured out why people garden in the early morning, it's frackin' hot out there!