Sunday, June 21, 2009

all a buzz

I am a crazy person who has decided to ignore the fact that I often feel overwhelmed with the gardens and pets I already have, and has convinced herself it'd be a good idea to have backyard bees.
For the moment it's just a fantasy (and it's pretty likely to stay that way because I am not sure bees are even legal in Ann Arbor) but this slide show and article from the nytimes, where Amy Azzarito says that raising bees is easier than growing tomatoes, made me want them even more.

(btw, with all the rain we had and the warm tempuratures, everything in the garden is twice as big tonight as it was Friday morning, including the tomatoes! I think it rained miracle grow.)

1 comment:

Amy@Old Sweet Song said...

I love this idea but know I could never pull it off. My garden is pretty sad.