Thursday, June 11, 2009

fish sitting

We're fish sitting for our 6 year old neighbor, Joshua's fish for a week and it's stressing me out. When I asked his mom how often the fish needs to be fed, I should have also asked what kind of fish he is and where we can get another one to replace him if things don't go well.
Maybe I'm paranoid, but not without reason. When I was little a good friend bought me a black gold fish for my birthday. She got him a bowl, some plastic seaweed, and a cute little plastic deep sea diver friend, put him in a big paper bag with a bow on it and brought him to my party. I opened up the bag and there he was!
I was sad, but my friend was crushed!
fish are really tricky.


Steven said...

Awesome photo

Grace said...

Keep us updated on how it goes. My 6 yr old is asking Santa for a fish (and she rarely changes her mind so I fully expect to be hearing about it from now til Dec 25). We have a 3 thing limit in our Santa letters and so far we have : fish and working stethescope.

OmnisLucis said...

i like the photo too!