Sunday, June 14, 2009

glass half full

Steven and I moved around a lot before we got married, both before and after we were dating, so we didn't really have much stuff. As a result, pretty much every plate, bowl, glass, kitchen gadget, etc in the house was a wedding present.
But after 7 years, and 3 additional moves, we only have a couple everyday glasses left and I guess it's time to replace them. (we still have all our fancy glasses and china. I always plan on using them, but for some reason, I almost never do. It's dumb.)
I can't just go get some more of the ones we have (they don't make them anymore) and I like the idea of getting some colorful ones to brighten up the stuff in our cabinets and on our dinner table.

I've posted them before, but I still love these from Abitare.

these are a bit fancy (maybe in a good way?) and pricey. from Ochre.

these are pretty and I like the subtle color, but they are way too expensive for everyday glasses. from Rose and Radish.

And I like the idea of getting a bunch of different vintage glasses like these I saw on etsy.

I just can't decide.

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The Lil Bee said...

I love that bottom set of glasses the best!