Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm sorry about the slow posting. I've had a depressing past couple of days, but I have a few things to look forward to in the next couple of days that will cheer me up.
Drinks with a friend tomorrow night, breakfast with friends Friday morning, a friend's band's (Scarlett Oaks) EP release party on Saturday, and tons and tons of tomatoes from the garden!
image here.


Courtney said...

I hope that things are better today! And it is hard for me to post if I am feeling down- it can seem hard to muster the inspiration and energy needed to do so. xo

abigail said...

Thanks so much for your nice words. I don't mean to be such a drama queen, it's just sometimes nice to vent a little.

Things are much better and we have a great weekend planned, so all's well. :)