Sunday, August 9, 2009

Julie & Julia

this afternoon we took a break from the sudden heat and went to see Julie and Julia, and I loved it!
To be honest, I thought that Julie Powell was a little whiny and annoying and kinda wished she'd go away half the time she was on screen, but that might just be because Meryl Streep is so great and Julia Child so fascinating that I wanted to see more of her.

One thing that interested me in particular was when Julia made braised cucumbers. Cooked cucumbers?!??!?
I'm going to give it a go next time we have a ripe cucumber in the garden.

I found a recipe here. It's not Julia Child's recipe, but it sounds good and I'm going to have to wait to try Julia's until the book I just ordered arrives.
( Yes, I came home from the movie and ordered Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and I imagine so did every other person who saw the movie and didn't already own it.)

Tip: Don't go to this movie hungry.


{lovely little things} said...

I'm really excited to see this movie!

Enjoying your blog!

Courtney said...

Still haven't seen this, but I hope I might soon. I may have to wait for it to come out on video; actually, on second though-- E's mom is in town, and tomorrow he is taking a half-day of work, but she and I have the early part of the day. Perhaps she'd want to see the movie...?

Courtney said...

Aren't you glad I use your blog to talk through my thoughts ;)

abigail said...

Yes I do!
my mom and dad went to see it yesterday and they loved it, so maybe E's mom would too.