Saturday, August 22, 2009

jam on it

This weekend I made dozens of jars of blueberry, peach and apricot jam (with the blueberries we picked, and peaches and apricots from the farmers market).

Weirdest part? I don't even like jam, but for some reason I just wanted to make it.

Luckily, Steven loves it and it'll make good gifts.

And if a person could survive on canned tomatoes and jam, i guess we are ready for the apocalypse!


chiara said...

you are amazing! you need a booth at the farmer's market for all these goodies.

Amanda Wright said...

Nothing beats jam on a fresh biscuit! YUM!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

i've never made my own jam and I've always wanted to!

Steven said...

I had some blue berry jam last night as desert it was sooo good!

Anna Banana said...

Oh I want to learn to make jam so desperately! Huckleberry jam.