Monday, August 17, 2009

picked off

I am in a mad panic cleaning and putting together the house because Steven's family is coming to visit. (we're finally fixing the hole in the plaster on the wall in the guest room, for example. They aren't coming for another 6 weeks, but I panic early.)

But Sunday, after we spent the morning weeding, watering, garage cleaning, and paint color picking (Farrow and Ball "setting plaster" for the guest room) our good friends and neighbors convinced us to go blueberry picking with them and their kids at the Pick Your Own farm nearby.

We got pounds and pounds of gorgeous blueberries. Steven was the champion and picked the most. He was very proud.

Since we had blueberries, it only made sense to bake them into a pie!
Since we had pie, it only made sense to make dinner to go with it. We grilled some burgers (veggie burger for me) and some potatoes, made some succotash, and an heirloom tomato salad for dinner. (all veggies were from the garden! fresh soy beans substituted for lima beans in the succotash because our limas arent' ready yet.)

no photos of pie or dinner. Everything got gobbled up before I could take them. :)

It was just about the summeriest evening of the summer!


chiara said...

blueberries for sal!

abigail said...

my grand-mama gave me that book when I was really little and we spent our summers in Maine. I still have the one she gave me, with her inscription on the first page.

It's one of my most favorite books!

Do the boys have it? because they should. and if they don't I'm gonna get it for them!

inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

How fun!!

Dionne said...

Oh blueberry picking! How fun! I would love to try to that.

chiara said...

They have it! I love it!
What a sweet memory for you.

Jack said...

I hope u had a great fun...keep going...Nice post..thanks for sharing with us..
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