Sunday, August 16, 2009

use only what you need

our friend Zoe posted this article about avoiding processed foods for a week on facebook the other day.

We try and avoid processed food, and this summer we're doing ok. (thank you garden!) but it's hard, and will be especially so when school starts again and things get hectic. Sometimes a girl just wants a milano cookie or an English muffin (without having to make it). I'd like to make more of an effort, though, and think more about where things come from and how they were made. Trying to avoid processed foods for a week might be a good way to learn to be more mindful. Maybe we'll give it a go!

I was really struck by this 1914 FDA poster trying to get Americans to aide in the war effort that was included in the article. It could have been printed last week!


Kris said...

perfect! could not have said it better myself!

Jack said...

Nice title really i love ur caption...
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