Friday, October 16, 2009


if you happen to drive by my house in the next few days, go in and have a look at the stuff on my desk in the kitchen, you will find the card reader with the memory card for the camera in it.


We're going to try and find somewhere to buy a new one, but for now there's not much hope for photos from Dutch Design Week from us. :(

I'm trying to convince Steven that this means we need to purchase a few special mementos for show and tell when we get back (not just architecture books!), but thus far he's not convinced.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I'm so bummed for you...and for me because I really want to see some photos of this trip! Ah poo!

Are you sure you can't get one expedited to you from eBay or something? Don't give up! Or at least buy one of those cheap disposable cameras--they take surprisingly good shots for the price :)

chiara said...


how about some lame camera phone shots?