Friday, October 16, 2009

night view

We got a new memory card and card reader! (I totally over estimated how hard that would be.)

This is the night view from our room at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. That's not a camera trick, the windows have some sort of pattern on them that makes everything look blurry.
I like it.

It's a little out of the way but I love this hotel (we stayed here once before a few years ago). It's an old building (actually, it's not all that old by Dutch standards) and the interior was redone by a whole bunch of different famous Dutch designers. (I'll post photos of the inside tomorrow.)
Plus, it's right on a canal, which I really like.

We had a lovely day, but in a move that doesn't bode well for how much our suitcases are going to weigh on our way home, we already bought 3 books. My favorite is this one, Pig 05049 by Christien Mendertsma. (she also designed that kitted pouf that I love so much.)

It's about all the products that are made from a single pig.

Some are unsurprising- food and bone china (ok, maybe the bone china part is only unsurprising to a ceramist like me).
Some are utterly shocking- photo paper, ammunition, cigarette filters?!??!!?! (that last one made me even more glad that I have never smoked.)

I keep flipping through it, thinking about how we have no idea where anything comes from and wondering whether we would change our behavior if we did.


chiara said...

The picture looks like a Ross Bleckner painting!

abigail said...

it totally does!