Thursday, October 29, 2009

good fences make good neighbors

Our house came with a cheap vinyl/chain link combo fence. (ugly!) After living with it for a couple of years we decided to put in a new one. And now it's finally done!
(Steven's parents bought us that tree during their visit to celebrate Steven's birthday. It's a Cherokee Brave dogwood, and I cannot wait until it blooms in spring!)

Looking at the photos, I'm a little bit afraid that it looks unfriendly and that our neighbors will think we don't like them, but I love it anyway.
We took out a whole bunch of arborvitae (and gave them to neighbors- it's not hard to give away free trees.) which really opened up the backyard. It looks twice as big!

We wanted to keep the fence full height (6 feet) across the driveway, but didn't want to have to open a 6' x 6' gate every time we came home.

So we put in a little hobbit door (that's what I have been calling it.)

Please excuse the construction mess- I couldn't wait to take pictures.

Besides, Ollie likes to use the piles of dirt as perches to get a better view.

Now, all that's left to do is to tear down the garage (isn't it hideous?) and replace it with a garden shed. (hint, hint!)


Courtney said...

Congrats on the new fence! I remember when you were planning this (in the spring? early summer?) It turned out wonderfully!! I probably said this then, but since moving south (about 11 years ago,) where wooden privacy fences are the norm, I can't imagine going back to an open yard (like I grew up with in Ohio!) And I know neither can my parents. I wouldn't worry about the neighbors-- they may end up loving the little bit more privacy it gives them too.

abigail said...


I know you are right about the neighbors, but we're going to give out extra good Halloween candy, just in case. :)

Tammie Lee said...

Oh how wonderful. I would like this so much more than chain length. If I were a neighbor i would love it too! Have fun with your new feel!

alissa said...

ooo i love it! looks great

Anonymous said...

Now that beats chain link! Excellent work! Ollie is soooo cute :) Is he a terrier of some sort?

Melissa A. said...

Nice fence. Much nicer than those ugly chain links with the strips put in it. I love your little hobbit door. What a clever idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

abigail said...

Ollie is a Cairn Terrier! He's slightly nuts, but he's also a sweetie!