Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Keith is looking into decals for his pots and that made me think of these Droog Design cups we got while we were in the Netherlands last month.

Mina Wu and Jan B. originally made them as a part of the "Value for Money" presentation at the Milan Furniture Fair (I want to go to there).
They made 3 versions- a plain white cup (cheapest), a white cup with hand painted flowers that was signed by the designers (most expensive), and a cup with a flower decal on it (somewhere in the middle).
Visitors to the exhibition voted for the cup with the decal as the best "value for money" and they put it into production.

My favorite part is where the decal folds over from the unglazed outside to the glazed inside.
Sometimes, I'm a total ceramics nerd.

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Kristin said...

I think those cups are just beautiful. Loving what you love doesn't make you a nerd!