Thursday, November 12, 2009

where there's smoke, there's fire

you know what I need? (and when I say "need" I mean "kinda want, but am unwilling to pay for, or do the work to build")

An outdoor fireplace.

The New York Times called them "the poor man's pool", but looking at the photos in their article- I have to say that the New York Times has a funny definition of poor.

We've had some perfect evenings lately, cool but clear and it would just be so nice to sit outside watching the fire and sipping a hot toddy.

But I don't really know where we'd put it, and I've already got too many home improvement projects going on so maybe I should put a cardboard fireplace on the porch and pretend.

(I kind of love the cardboard fireplace. Think Santa could come down that thing?)


Courtney said...

Ha, yes, interesting definition of poor! And you know, since Santa can deliver toys all over the world in one day and even find kids who aren't spending the holidays at their own home (though we rarely were away on Christmas, I can remember worrying once when we were) I am certain he could find a way down the cardboard fireplace :)

computer repair Miami said...

Wow, this outdoor fireplace is gorgeous! I want to have something like that in my garden.