Friday, January 22, 2010

have a good weekend

I'm going to be listening to the theme from Rocky and working in the studio (thanks so much for all the encouragement!) but I hope you have a lovely, relaxing weekend.
(Gus has already started relaxing.)

And since I always enjoy the "fun stuff from around the blogosphere" posts other people put up, I thought I'd do one this week.

Our godson is so cute it hurts.

Bauhaus quilts by Gunta Stolzl are gorgeous.

I like these clothes, but I LOVE this haircut.

Doctors Without Boarders inflatable hospital in Haiti is incredible. Donate to Doctors Without Boarders here.

PanAm had really cool ads.

I am moving into the log cabin Piet Hein Eek designed. hope the owner doesn't mind.

Give them an A+ for hilarity.

Puppy Cam, the sequel!

Dry roasted chickpeas? yes please!

Turns out I'm married to a pozzy-wallah (more cool words here.)

I'm with Coco.

I really want this cute little coop full of backyard chickens, but I wonder where the heck we'd find a chicken sitter when we go out of town.


Courtney said...

Oh, you always get me with photos of Ollie and Gus!! Good luck with all your projects/work (and I might have to steal a page from your book and pump the Rocky theme for encouragement/motivation too!) Have a great weekend! xo

Christina said...

What a precious photo. (: Those PanAm ads are pretty awesome.

This Lovely City said...

Happy weekend to you! Such a sweet photo XO

A Taste of T said...

Ah! Your Cairn's are ADORABLE!!!!! Mine started humping my sister's black lab...

The Boob Nazi said...

Your dogs are SO cute.

Kristin said...

GO COCO! And your godson is just precious!

erin m nelson said...

Right now I wish I lived in the country so that I could have that chicken coop! AA has community gardens... I wonder what it would take to get community coops?