Thursday, February 11, 2010


Gus is at the vet patiently waiting for his MRI. The neurologist just called to say that he was doing fine and "charming all the ladies at the office."
That sounds like Gus.

Thank you all again for all your lovely thoughts and good wishes. I can't tell you how touched I am.

While I wait, I'm snuggling with poor confused Ollie, listening to this Cat Steven's song and looking at the work of Kristen Morgin just because I love it. (I'm going to have to work all weekend to make up for taking today off.)

I first saw Kristen Morgin's work when she came as a visiting artist when I was in grad school, and I know I said so already, but I love it. A lot. (not feeling so articulate today.)

"Morgin has tremendous agility in conjuring from unfired clay the textures of carved wood, rusted metal, upholstery fabric and molded plastic. Hers is a brilliant, skewed realism, imbued with contradiction. Her subjects are all vehicles, meant to be ridden; her renderings are crippled, deprived of wheels or legs, and fashioned of the ultimate static, earthbound material--clay. The works are at once traces and formidable, newly fashioned presences. They are made through an accretive process that yields the impression of reduction, decomposition. The original referents are playful, spirited objects of leisure; Morgin invests her versions with melancholy and nostalgia. Beauty and loss exert themselves equally and palpably in these memento mori of 20th-century material culture." Leah Ollman, Art in America
Isn't it just beautiful?

all images from artnet


pen.ny said...

Such a womanizer that Gus.
I'm sure Ollie is just as bad.

Great work by Morgin. Really like this find.

Steven said...

That's a lot of love sweetie!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

It seems Gus is in good hands.

Yes, Kristen Morgin's work is amazing. Thank you for the introduction.

Jayne said...

Aww that song is perfect for today. I am thinking of the little guy!

Valerie Molloy said...

I love that Cat Stevens song too!