Saturday, May 1, 2010


The President gave a beautiful speech for the graduates of University of Michigan today, calling on the graduates to be good citizens. Telling them we have a republic only so long as we can keep it, and that it's their job to do just that.

There were other great speeches, and honorary degrees (I have a girl crush on Susan Stanberg!)

After all the graduates were announced, the president administered the Oath of Office to the ROTC grads. What an honor for them, to be sworn in by the Commander in Chief, and what an honor for him (and us) to have their service.

It was a beautiful day, despite the crazy weather. There was thunder and lightening as people lined up, but the storms broke before the ceremony started and just when it was ending the sun peaked out.

We got up at 5, wore ponchos and wellies and walked a couple miles in the rain to get to the stadium to see him.

I will never make fun of people who go to football games in crappy weather again. Okay, I probably will, but it'll be more of a "aw, I've done stupid things like that too," kind of mocking.


Sarah C said...

we watched it live on our computer, wishing we were there.

it must have been amazing!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Ah! That is amazing!!! You are amazing! Hurray!

Dancing Branflake said...

So awesome! Again, a really lucky group of people.

Grace said...

How cool you got to go!

Hollie said...

what an amazing experience!

pen.ny said...

What a cool experience! To be among so many people watching the president. I can just imagine the feeling in the room. Awesome.

web design said...

I would have gone in the rain to be there, too. Very cool for you guys.