Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a little support

When we put in the new fence last year we took out a chunk of our driveway, replaced it with gravel and made a small flower bed next to the fence where I planted some climbing roses, a "red pygmy"dogwood, some hardy geraniums and some clematis.

Everything is happy and growing but the clematis in particular was not climbing very well. I talked to Lisa at Pot and Box (she and her shop are wonderful) and she said that because the fence is so solid I needed to give the little buggers a support to climb on.

So I got some eye hooks and some galvanized wire (I was going to use fishing line but we had the wire lying around and I figured it would last longer) and made a little lattice.

It was super easy and the plants already look happier. I can't wait until they go crazy and take over!


Dancing Branflake said...

Good to know! Sometimes it feels like plants have their own personalities. Yours just needed something extra to climb with the big boys, give it a little umph perhaps.

Gloria said...

I learned that lesson the hard way too, thinking they should just naturally climb up the fence or side of the house by themselves...that strategy didn't work out very well so we gave them something easier to climb, a bit of wire did the trick. Smile today. :)

chiara said...

climb on, you shiny growers!