Tuesday, September 7, 2010

back at it

It's hard to complain (especially considering my New Year's resolution) but I'm sad that today is the first day back for schools and universities in Michigan.

Steven has been on leave from teaching since December and while we've been working like crazy, the flexible schedule he's had has been wonderful.

Oh well, only 106 days left until Winter Break.  (since most people get 2 weeks vacation a year, and so many people are looking for work, we're pretty dang lucky he has a Winter Break!!!)

image here.


Dancing Branflake said...

Oh I know what you mean. I am grateful for my job but the first week is always the hardest. Have an awesome new beginning!

Brandi said...

I completely understand. This summer, the only person I really needed to answer to was myself. In two weeks, that all disappears and my schedule gets crazy. Just focus on the positive -- and keep that countdown going.

Krystal said...

that's why i need to be a teacher!