Thursday, October 30, 2008

avec moi

Looking at Abigail Ahern's website reminded me of an Italian design company whose work I first saw while visiting Steven's family in Milan, Arcade Avec. The Arcade half of the company makes beautiful glass objects, vases, bottles etc in Venice.

And the Avec half makes carpets, other textiles, cushion and poufs designed in Italy and made with traditional processes and materials (all natural dyes, pure cotton and wool) in South America.  
Avec's lovely, simple products make me wish I had a loom or at least the patience to knit something larger than a baby sweater. 

but my favorite thing Avec makes is the Rasta Pouf.  We have 2 in our living room that we got at Luminaire in Chicago's great (but now defunct) annual sample sale.

Ours usually end up being used as Rasta dog beds.

images from Arcade Avec's website.  except the one of Gus. that one is from our living room.  


chiara said...

I think you need to do a House and Home tour please.

abigail said...

maybe. it would give me extra motivation to finish all my half done projects!