Sunday, December 7, 2008

sorry jackson

I screwed up the sleeve on your sweater and had to start it over.  I got so frustrated that I had to move on to something else for a day, which is how I discovered the magic of giant yarn. (I know I am a little late to this game.)
Inspired by Pip-Squeak Chapeau, I got some fat yarn and some fat (size 16) needles yesterday and knitted an entire scarf in about 2 hours.  
It's a Christmas miracle!  
Scarves for everyone! 
or better yet, hats!  
I think I could bust out a hat in a half hour.  


chiara said...

awesome! and don't worry - jackson is just now fitting into the sweatter you knit him last year! he is a little guy.

abigail said...
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abigail said...

I can't wait to see that little guy in January!